Thursday, 17 May 2012

Minesh Ramchurn Paintings

Buddha with sand effect(canvas A2 size)
A2 Painting

Semi Abstract Ganesha

Acrylic on canvas
20"x30"(2x A2)

Acrylic on A2 canvas

The Bradley Bunch: Wet Yard

The Bradley Bunch: Wet Yard: We had a little outdoor water fun the other day. Firstly, I brought out spray bottles full of water. Ah, refreshing! A little spr...

Culinary Decorations

Sugar Art - Mauritius

Sugar is always on the menu in Mauritius, but not just wrapped in plastic wrappers but sculpted into masterpieces! Watch these expert chefs as they bend the sugar to their will!

Master Billy Ng

Billy Ng Martial Arts School is located at Cite J.Kennedy - Candos. Billy is a well-disciplined Master that is expert in mixed martial arts such as Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, Katana, Nun Chaku etc ... His school consist of dedicated young people who give their best to honour martial art. In most cases, Master Billy does social work such as helping vulnerable children who are inoperable in Mauritius. I am proud to form part of the school. And I made an appeal to every Mauritian that whenever you see Billy's Martial Art School performing demonstration around Mauritius for the need of such vulnerable children -be generous and give any contribution in the box . As Master Billy said " illness does not look at face ,religion, rich or poor to infect anyone".
Apart from his Martial Art School and Social Work, Master Billy is a devoted sculptural artist and painting artist. Often, his arts are exposed on various occasion in Mauritius. Thank you for reading about Master Billy. His Facebook account is Billy Ng Artist, E-mail - and Mob: 4281910

Tir Bouson - Blackmen Bluz

Blackmen Bluz: Tir Bouson. Mauritian Artists

Friday, 23 March 2012

Tareek's Photography

Ritesh Bholah Paintings

Grandpa♥ - Acrylic Painting

Drown in the Dark- Guache Painting

Asleep - Guache Painting

Rejected! - Acrylic Painting

Direct Observational Study - Guache Painting

Observational study of capsicum - Aquarelle Painting

Ramayana (constructing the bridge of lanka) -Acrylic Painting

Asleep 2 - Aquarelle Painting

Observational Study of Glass Coupe - Guache Painting

Observational Study of Brushes in Glass of Water - Guache Painting

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lecasseur Ludovic Olivier Photo Montage

Sky Rocking

Aurelie Chung Creation

Camouflage (Papier maché and Acrylic painting)

design coursework- chinese dance and fantasy.

chinese qipao and sega.

chinese kimono as a beach wear.